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What's new in Git vs. the current release?

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This page is for developers who want to work on the internals of Open MPI itself.
If you are a general user or system administrator looking to simply download and install Open MPI, please click here.

This page describes what is new in Git that is not yet available in a stable release. More specifically, it provides a link to the "NEWS" file that is included in Open MPI distributions. This file provides short bullets describing user-visible changes in Open MPI between versions.

The NEWS file at the head of our development (i.e., the Git "master" branch) is kept up-to-date with changes both on the master and all release branches. The Open MPI team starts a new section in NEWS immediately after each release and keeps it up-to-date as changes are made in the repository. Hence, checking this file will show he high-level changes that are available in each version -- even versions that are not yet available as stable releases.

Here is the current NEWS file from the Git master branch (also available here):