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Open MPI: Version 1.8.8

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This file contains a list of changes between the releases in the Open MPI releases in the v1.8 series

See the version timeline for information on the chronology of Open MPI releases.

Current stable release:

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Version 1.8.8
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.8.tar.bz2 12.61MB Aug 5, 2015
MD5: 0dab8e602372da1425e9242ae37faf8c
SHA1: 0c9cc2ad1ee73838bed1a445793e36671d631447
openmpi-1.8.8.tar.gz 18.8MB Aug 5, 2015
MD5: 88f2f6bf4a95df63a95d31cf31c20ebb
SHA1: d68561ad6dff1c6094590fe415ce892500e507c0
openmpi-1.8.8-1.src.rpm 12.44MB Aug 5, 2015
MD5: 2c66f9d2616a2c8d9c3673d548955d71
SHA1: 3e8915ca7a2389acf3ec0f4f9dfa432a6e89d97d
Cygwin support Precompiled Open MPI packages for Cygwin   2018 (external link)

Previous releases:

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Version 1.8.7
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.7.tar.bz2 12.61MB Jul 15, 2015
MD5: 2485ed6fa0fab9bb5b4e7a9f63718630
SHA1: 4526e2ec83792cff8990acf7fd13b64e8440a5cd
openmpi-1.8.7.tar.gz 18.8MB Jul 15, 2015
MD5: c9028e91bbb6b0fc1b8e48496a8119cf
SHA1: 8ea742f71ad326dea8d093ec34afb198e8fee669
openmpi-1.8.7-1.src.rpm 12.43MB Jul 15, 2015
MD5: 0f93479e625f295267b06ba88f604480
SHA1: 6a57e8fd31ebebabb0ad9acc45892dfb648c3942
Version 1.8.6
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.6.tar.gz 18.8MB Jun 17, 2015
MD5: f4d747d39ac2b8cdd8be6d847cd9228d
SHA1: c0ff1a1953db8e3337131e92a210edcf04cbe528
openmpi-1.8.6.tar.bz2 12.61MB Jun 17, 2015
MD5: eb569e7dc97eeaa5b1876cccf114f377
SHA1: 781330b24e6656143ae3252f088a04b91411554b
openmpi-1.8.6-1.src.rpm 12.44MB Jun 17, 2015
MD5: bf408d3710cf905353bbb8cb85113a7a
SHA1: 404de6aa095eeeba703ce59e0406083f4ada59f3
Version 1.8.5
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.5-1.src.rpm 12.45MB May 6, 2015
MD5: ee9b87f7e86c0809c8b618655c9dd843
SHA1: a1f2b1a358b22feb60e8cc0e35954c4fcb5363ca
openmpi-1.8.5.tar.gz 18.79MB May 5, 2015
MD5: 9c0878763c750dcb17f52701e26dc0f5
SHA1: 8715bd67c11654b99882c119e091ee5746e8fd8b
openmpi-1.8.5.tar.bz2 12.62MB May 5, 2015
MD5: 93e958914ff0e4d9634d668d2d48c793
SHA1: 2e0408dbb033b0df21d1f95fffb872f2a8237de6
Version 1.8.4
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.4-1.src.rpm 12.69MB Dec 19, 2014
MD5: 2d4ee0ea4cfc0ac2805143fc03ee24a8
SHA1: e6b0ef757f142a371d4e6cd69223dc3f8b46595a
openmpi-1.8.4.tar.gz 19MB Dec 19, 2014
MD5: 5bfd54d7fa54fa84c42ae6e297efc7b6
SHA1: 22002fc226f55e188e21be0fdc3602f8d024e7ba
openmpi-1.8.4.tar.bz2 12.86MB Dec 19, 2014
MD5: 93b7ea2c4ebae76947f942579608ae4a
SHA1: 88ae39850fcf0db05ac20e35dd9e4cacc75bde4d
Version 1.8.3
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.3.tar.gz 18.87MB Sep 26, 2014
MD5: 167f4e8e2291ea0349e3dbe9fba13829
SHA1: 3bffe4826b4658efd7fcdf961ecd8be275e8af43
openmpi-1.8.3-1.src.rpm 12.51MB Sep 26, 2014
MD5: bdedae99d96d3f42f19ac6f089335918
SHA1: dae5031523612048b11c11d04fbe05ed2ff371c9
openmpi-1.8.3.tar.bz2 12.68MB Sep 26, 2014
MD5: 2067d00853e0c33d498153fc7d268d2b
SHA1: 4be9c5d2a8baee6a80bde94c6485931979a428fe
Version 1.8.2
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.2.tar.gz 18.86MB Aug 25, 2014
MD5: ab538ed8e328079d566fc797792e016e
SHA1: cf2b1e45575896f63367406c6c50574699d8b2e1
openmpi-1.8.2-1.src.rpm 12.48MB Aug 25, 2014
MD5: a022b7164c8d33d8b51b6a0e55c62202
SHA1: a2502e0a95ad452557836a07da7d01c79252287a
openmpi-1.8.2.tar.bz2 12.65MB Aug 25, 2014
MD5: 339a9fc199563bacbb359875ce8c9e20
SHA1: 55067856b351cbeb5ebe8a430bfe0656115a04ed
Version 1.8.1
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8.1.tar.gz 18.83MB Apr 23, 2014
MD5: 9ca6fa1ef173cfb53419af9c9928c94b
SHA1: 70423cfaca574b10d76fd1763a9441fe1d58d98a
openmpi-1.8.1.tar.bz2 12.68MB Apr 23, 2014
MD5: 0e12c24a28a605f681ff9a19a1aca2f1
SHA1: e6e85da3e54784ee3d7b0bb0ff4d365ef2899c49
openmpi-1.8.1-1.src.rpm 12.51MB Apr 23, 2014
MD5: 2d14371c864be2a7e94b02e8b89420dd
SHA1: e69653d0e123fdd27b546d333567166cd5e3f6e6
Version 1.8
SRPM notes
openmpi-1.8-1.src.rpm 12.5MB Mar 31, 2014
MD5: 40e63a30a27a74e96f12701f6ab46479
SHA1: 37dba3c64fe459ab17fc2edf662afd136843be52
openmpi-1.8.tar.bz2 12.67MB Mar 31, 2014
MD5: 5999cfb177a50c480b5d0bced379aff1
SHA1: d32961b83c689e086cede6c964b312e1f3d174f0
openmpi-1.8.tar.gz 18.83MB Mar 31, 2014
MD5: a4ac7787b7651bf1fb495dd6b8cb726e
SHA1: 68ef6c2fcdea693556fe233ca5eec7ca13fdf0bd