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Open MPI: Version 1.6.5

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This file contains a list of changes between the releases in the Open MPI releases in the v1.6 series

See the version timeline for information on the chronology of Open MPI releases.

Current stable release:

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Version 1.6.5
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.5-1.src.rpm 10.36MB Jun 26, 2013
MD5: f511e57345c141ed0db7ebea935b006e
SHA1: 52423c93c28db0fd81a8ff14d852612a8c36d921
openmpi-1.6.5.tar.gz 14.79MB Jun 26, 2013
MD5: d7e98ac8ae1a27a0e37a68b6588c3d97
SHA1: 41fe3bdbd8d8211ae8721ef9801df1efb436a59d
openmpi-1.6.5.tar.bz2 10.43MB Jun 26, 2013
MD5: 03aed2a4aa4d0b27196962a2a65fc475
SHA1: 93859d515b33dd9a0ee6081db285a2d1dffe21ce
Oracle Message Passing Toolkit
(powered by Open MPI)
Oracle Message Passing Toolkit
for Solaris and Linux
  2010 (external link)
Cygwin support Precompiled Open MPI packages for Cygwin   2018 (external link)


Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
1.6.6rc1 (pre-release)
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.6rc1.tar.gz 14.78MB May 13, 2014
MD5: 4891f9b86ef9cd2b6138427481220b91
SHA1: e3d7c53669b4466e728a6fa42a22d680532a3f93
openmpi-1.6.6rc1.tar.bz2 10.48MB May 13, 2014
MD5: 7841c1d3a6a762417cfc7d57c2f1d048
SHA1: 099536994a48e7ffba1bc879d11a19c1dcc66bdd

Previous releases:

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Version 1.6.4
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.4-1.src.rpm 10.29MB Feb 21, 2013
MD5: 594bc5606d4b3576868029dbe149c9e6
SHA1: 39bfc44546a00f820eeb0d77be6a97fdb51667f0
openmpi-1.6.4.tar.gz 14.76MB Feb 21, 2013
MD5: 70aa9b6271d904c6b337ca326e6613d1
SHA1: 3acfe95f80b19a11b300cae40ce6649dff6df5cf
openmpi-1.6.4.tar.bz2 10.36MB Feb 21, 2013
MD5: 62119579ab92b2592cd96b6a9d2a8cc3
SHA1: 38095d3453519177272f488d5058a98f7ebdbf10
Version 1.6
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6-3.src.rpm 9.49MB Dec 11, 2012
MD5: 7f21a8df7a8202ac1312769d8c020e86
SHA1: 9bcf253429d8c1d98127b05cf9f9fcb4632c23c7
Version 1.6.3
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.3-2.src.rpm 9.65MB Dec 11, 2012
MD5: ebea45bf5ab81f5e02ceb2b4540ea46a
SHA1: 0b5566aaf0f7ef52f0c80b8e9693b756eb55f788
Version 1.6.2
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.2-2.src.rpm 9.65MB Dec 11, 2012
MD5: 5f25715d1e1eca525d3b91cf5dff5d20
SHA1: 869e3d346cf6c259a64a30fd425b735b99764cb0
Version 1.6.1
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.1-2.src.rpm 9.65MB Dec 11, 2012
MD5: 705bc36fc9bc4fcc752730000f6daf88
SHA1: 1a95f4cbaaaadb76c4bbd765ce06a1b3b7580389
Version 1.6.3
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6.3.tar.gz 14.08MB Oct 30, 2012
MD5: c8865d7ce14594e168851787223182f4
SHA1: 80e859dee8f2fa13f5eb511c9062e9a2fc14c488
openmpi-1.6.3.tar.bz2 9.72MB Oct 30, 2012
MD5: eedb73155a7a40b0b07718494298fb25
SHA1: a61aa2dee4c47d93d88e49ebed36de25df4f6492
openmpi-1.6.3-1.src.rpm 9.65MB Oct 30, 2012
MD5: 6976158f9273cefcf5115b3d0f9b9fb7
SHA1: 0e4fb497049eafad25383e55c01f7358486adde3
Version 1.6.2
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
OpenMPI_v1.6.2-1_win32.exe 3.74MB Sep 26, 2012
MD5: 4c5085b5caed61b87e8993d85dcd1d43
SHA1: 5358ae1c7a406ba144e8e903a893c5f3bb061cfc
OpenMPI_v1.6.2-2_win64.exe 3.38MB Sep 26, 2012
MD5: 59a3dcf32384dfecbf1323c87b1676cc
SHA1: 6e69a16848f86762973bb58db428dd1db5c50a25
openmpi-1.6.2.tar.gz 14.08MB Sep 25, 2012
MD5: 351845a0edd8141feb30d31edd59cdcd
SHA1: 91ecf772cedb2bfe0b445bcd63efc8580455cef0
openmpi-1.6.2-1.src.rpm 9.65MB Sep 25, 2012
MD5: acf4a35cc3218e08498be9b1460d707f
SHA1: ef2e8e8f89695fda7a5f70524ac8c54d5a3bc5b2
openmpi-1.6.2.tar.bz2 9.72MB Sep 25, 2012
MD5: 219754715a8e40beb468bbc8f0b3251a
SHA1: 694fd3bac911cdb22f77175884d819b6fea871df
Version 1.6.1
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
OpenMPI_v1.6.1-1_win32.exe 3.77MB Aug 23, 2012
MD5: 533e94e800cd0a628ec270eb1e56b999
SHA1: b19c65697daec4da77f403c93ab89901d4a94709
OpenMPI_v1.6.1-1_win64.exe 3.42MB Aug 23, 2012
MD5: fe282fa1a3e3a7138a48a5512e50c01b
SHA1: 0137c055dd115b344b3b092d6d872def5910fa47
openmpi-1.6.1.tar.gz 14.09MB Aug 22, 2012
MD5: 7d7acd434b2fabe5adf1e50cebc86aa9
SHA1: c1dcd72bdad6db4c590aa08f44ecb36af032c61d
openmpi-1.6.1.tar.bz2 9.72MB Aug 22, 2012
MD5: 33d2782c20ff6be79130a703b85da8f0
SHA1: 1ccff71e3775c80c5a553f30104d663e1226baab
openmpi-1.6.1-1.src.rpm 9.65MB Aug 22, 2012
MD5: e7cba2b44eeb6851e4df41be6f80ae57
SHA1: 1e2f601787fa4709178e2192fd439cda73734981
Version 1.6
SRPM notes
MS Windows notes
openmpi-1.6-2.src.rpm 9.49MB Jun 4, 2012
MD5: 8275c341f12a747beae3e97f87116d23
SHA1: 17c321f7cc37c3e4b2ad293a1a9b7dc08d2e3ddc
OpenMPI_v1.6-1_win64.exe 3.86MB May 25, 2012
MD5: 4fa1ada21d5747d9d05c7a89919885e5
SHA1: 86c3986ecef50725a252a01296237c128fba042a
OpenMPI_v1.6-1_win32.exe 4.22MB May 25, 2012
MD5: 649166975c141624c7ddf30bc06c18e3
SHA1: 5ede8b0e986502bbf97d2de947ba0c10c9efd407
openmpi-1.6-1.src.rpm 9.49MB May 14, 2012
MD5: d2b6772dd768196580319067f93995d2
SHA1: de7a335e5c4b78358ee6f6bd76ef406fb8b86c28
openmpi-1.6.tar.bz2 9.56MB May 14, 2012
MD5: dd6f5bd4b3cb14d93bbf530e50e46e60
SHA1: 8b81eea712bb8f8120468003b5f29baecedf2367
openmpi-1.6.tar.gz 13.97MB May 14, 2012
MD5: 3ed0c892a0c921270cb9c7af2fdfd2d2
SHA1: ccc2ecd7ed70791dfd969ef17f5132928b35ceec