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Open MPI: Version 1.10.3 Source RPM Notes

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Because every parallel computation environment is different, Open MPI is a highly configurable piece of software. As such, a single set of build options is not sufficient to meet everyone's needs. The source RPM therefore accepts a wide variety of configuration options on the "rpmbuild --rebuild" command line. The following text describes the options that are available.

A script to build an Open MPI RPM from a source tarball is available here, and is referred to as "" in the text below. Additionally, you can build an Open MPI RPM from the SRPM (also described below).

The text below is specific to the v1.10 series of Open MPI and is available here in a printer-friendly format.

Note that the spec file (that the text below refers to) has many more comments and explanations of rpmbuild-time configuration options, and is available here.