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Title: MPI Library and Low-Level Communication on the K computer


Naoyuki Shida, Shinji Sumimoto, Atsuya Uno


The key to raising application performance in a massively parallel system like the K computer is to increase the speed of communication between compute nodes. In the K computer, this inter-node communication is governed by the Message Passing Interface (MPI) communication library and low-level communication. This paper describes the implementation and performance of the MPI communication library, which exploits the new Tofu-interconnect architecture introduced in the K computer to enhance the performance of petascale applications, and low-level communication mechanism, which performs fine-grained control of the Tofu interconnect.

Presented: FUJITSU Scientific & Technical Journal 2012-7 (Vol.48, No.3)


mpi-library-and-low-level-communication-on-k.pdf (PDF)

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