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Title: A Case for Standard Non-Blocking Collective Operations


Torsten Hoefler, Prabhanjan Kambadur, Richard L. Graham, Galen Shipman, Andrew Lumsdaine


In this paper we make the case for adding standard non-blocking collective operations to the MPI standard. The non-blocking point-to-point and blocking collective operations currently defined by MPI provide important performance and abstraction benefits. To allow these benefits to be simultaneously realized, we present an application programming interface for non-blocking collective operations in MPI. Microbenchmark and application-based performance results demonstrate that non-blocking collective operations offer not only improved convenience, but improved performance as well, when compared to manual use of threads with blocking collectives.

Presented: EuroPVM/MPI '07, September 30th - October 3rd, 2007, Paris, France.


mpi-vs-nbc.pdf (PDF)

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