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Title: TEG: A High-Performance, Scalable, Multi-Network Point-to-Point Communications Methodology


T.S. Woodall, R.L. Graham, R.H. Castain, D.J. Daniel, M.W. Sukalski, G.E. Fagg, E. Gabriel, G. Bosilca, T. Angskun, J.J. Dongarra, J.M. Squyres, V. Sahay, P. Kambadur, B. Barrett, A. Lumsdaine


TEG is a new component-based methodology for point-to-point messaging. Developed as part of the Open MPI project, TEG provides a configurable fault-tolerant capability for high-performance messaging that utilizes multi-network interfaces where available. Initial performance comparisons with other MPI implementations show comparable ping-pong latencies, but with bandwidths up to 30% higher.

Presented: Euro PVM/MPI 2004, September, 2004, in Budapest, Hungary.

Paper: (Postscript) euro-pvmmpi-2004-p2p.pdf (PDF)

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