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Title: Open MPI's TEG Point-to-Point Communications Methodology: Comparison to Existing Implementations


T.S. Woodall, R.L. Graham, R.H. Castain, D.J. Daniel, M.W. Sukalski, G.E. Fagg, E. Gabriel, G. Bosilca, T. Angskun, J.J. Dongarra, J.M. Squyres, V. Sahay, P. Kambadur, B. Barrett, A. Lumsdaine


TEG is a new methodology for point-to-point messaging developed as a part of the Open MPI project. Initial performance measurements are presented, showing comparable ping-pong latencies in a single NIC configuration, but with bandwidths up to 30% higher than that achieved by other leading MPI implementations. Homogeneous dual-NIC configurations further improved performance, but the heterogeneous case requires continued investigation.

Presented: Euro PVM/MPI 2004, September, 2004, in Budapest, Hungary.

Paper: (Postscript) euro-pvmmpi-2004-p2p-perf.pdf (PDF)

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