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Title: A Log-Scaling Fault Tolerant Agreement Algorithm for a Fault Tolerant MPI


Joshua Hursey, Thomas Naughton, Geoffroy Vallee, Richard L. Graham


The lack of fault tolerance is becoming a limiting factor for application scalability in HPC systems. The MPI does not provide standardized fault tolerance interfaces and semantics. The MPI Forum's Fault Tolerance Working Group is proposing a collective fault tolerant agreement algorithm for the next MPI standard. Such algorithms play a central role in many fault tolerant applications, but are rarely scalable to large numbers of processes. This paper replaces the linear operations in the two-phase commit agreement algorithm with log-scaling operations. Additional error handling properties are introduced that preserve the fault tolerance properties while improving overall scalability.

Presented: EuroPVM/MPI '11, September 18th - September 21th, 2011, Santorini, Greece.


euro-mpi-2011-log-validate.pdf (PDF)

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