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Title: The Design and Implementation of Checkpoint/Restart Process Fault Tolerance for Open MPI


Joshua Hursey, Jeffrey M. Squyres, Timothy I. Mattox, Andrew Lumsdaine


To be able to fully exploit ever larger computing platforms, modern HPC applications and system software must be able to tolerate inevitable faults. Historically, MPI implementations that incorporated fault tolerance capabilities have been limited by lack of modularity, scalability and usability. This paper presents the design and implementation of an infrastructure to support checkpoint/restart fault tolerance in the Open MPI project. We identify the general capabilities required for distributed checkpoint/restart and realize these capabilities as extensible frameworks within Open MPI's modular component architecture. Our design features an abstract interface for providing and accessing fault tolerance services without sacrificing performance, robustness, or flexibility. Although our implementation includes support for some initial checkpoint/restart mechanisms, the framework is meant to be extensible and to encourage experimentation of alternative techniques within a production quality MPI implementation.

Presented: 12th IEEE Workshop on Dependable Parallel, Distributed and Network-Centric Systems at the International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2007), on March 26, 2007, in Long Beach, California, USA.


dpdns-2007.pdf (PDF)

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