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Title: Self-Healing Network for Scalable Fault Tolerant Runtime Environments


Thara Angskun, Graham E. Fagg, George Bosilca, Jelena Pjesivac-Grbovic, Jack J. Dongarra


Scalable and fault tolerant runtime environments are needed to support and adapt to the underlying libraries and hardware which require a high degree of scalability in dynamic large-scale environments. This paper presents a self-healing network (SHN) for supporting scalable and fault-tolerant runtime environments. The SHN is designed to support transmission of messages across multiple nodes while also protecting against recursive node and process failures. It will automatically recover itself after a failure occurs. SHN is implemented on top of a scalable fault-tolerant protocol (SFTP). The experimental results show that both the latest multicast and broadcast routing algorithms used in SHN are faster than the original SFTP routing algorithms.

Presented: Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems 2006, September, 2006, in Innsbruck, Austria.


dapsys-2006-self-healing-network.pdf (PDF)

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